Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New Car

I got my new car a few days ago and oh my god, I'm in love. It's such an improvement to my old one; central locking, heated windows, electric windows, smooth wipers, rev-o-meter, engine temperature! They're nothing to most, but I shriek every time I unlock the car - even in work. I've never had such luxury! It drives so smooth, there's no weird engine noises and everything works. I got the black wheel trims on the same day which we fitted the next day and it instantly made the car look sporty and 1000x better than it already was.

One of my service users likes to name things , including my cars and she named this one "Betsy" which changed to "Betsy Lou" which is cute; I might keep it. ♥

I can't stop driving it and my parents can't stop looking at it through the window. People have said it's "sexy" and even my grampy liked it.

I'm so happy I chose to get a new car instead of investing in my old one.

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