Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I'm getting a new car in two days!

I'm super happy!
My first and current car cost just £850 and is eleven years old. I paid a lot into the car to keep it running but eventually, it got too much and literally last Saturday, I decided to give up and look into getting a new car. I got my first car because I couldn't stand the two hour journey to college, so I got a job on the weekend. I was absolutely exhausted for the entire two years of college and had a mental breakdown in the last few months of it.
I thought this day would never come or that I would be stuck with my current car for many years to come. I would admire other people's cars and be envious that their cars could comfortably go past 60mph without shaking violently. It didn't even have a revometer, so I had to listen to the engine and feel the car (which I can't do in my new car - it's so smooth!) in order to change gears. The car nearly caused a serious collision when the brakes went and I rolled out into a busy roundabout in front of two cars - the brakes are still pretty useless. I didn't know just how light steering wheels are either until I did the test drive! I was nervous about long journeys, simply because I felt the car wasn't stable and the doors and wheels would simply fall off and I'd skid down the road!

My new car is a newer model, worth £4000, 7 years old and I got accepted for the finance! I've never had a car with air-con, central locking or even electric windows. Everything is an awesome gadget to discover in this car. I'm going to feel a lot safer now and happily make a long journey planned in the Summer! I hope the novelty never wears off and I'll remember where I started.

I've ordered black wheel trims. The first car I was looking at, I loved. It had black wheel trims and was bright green - very sporty looking. When it came to getting it, they said someone else is going to get it, they just need to sign some papers. They rang me today saying she didn't go through with the purchase, so it's now available! But I'd already put a deposit down and to be honest, I'm glad I had already as I got a much better deal and they offered me a better price for my current car, as well as extras! They're giving me a free MOT, service and valet, which is why I have to wait. I get a longer warranty too and the car was cheaper than the green one.

Bring on Friday!

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