Wednesday, 11 November 2015

People respect you more when you die.

I came across a deceased person's facebook. Every year, people had been posting non stop and when he was in a coma, some three years ago. They were all reminiscing of the good times and memories which were often really random pointless sentences he'd said to them. So I assumed he was very popular and highly loved. However when I went to his statuses when he was alive, it consisted of statuses asking for people to send him a message, getting next to no likes and his photos had barely any attention. Surely, if he was so loved and popular, he wouldn't have to ask for messages all the time. I also realised that he wrote a status about getting really drunk, but then the next morning in the early hours, he crashed his bike and went into a coma, so he was drink driving and caused his own death.

I hate that people bullshit in things like this to make out that they're deeply hurt and it's like a competition of how close they were to the deceased. Some were even saying RIP when he was still alive! It's pathetic.

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