Monday, 12 October 2015

Boy seduced by teacher

This is more of a rant.

I watched ITV This Morning and they had a 15 year old boy on, whose female teacher had seduced him. They started texting and she started inviting him to her house and it went from a weekly thing to going to her house up to five times a week! What did his parents think? That boy went willingly to her house and anyone would realise what was going on but the guy even admitted he had a crush on her. If I was 15 and found a male teacher attractive, I wouldn't go to his house regularly. I'd know that wasn't right so he should've refused but of course he went and willingly kissed her back and did sexual things with her. It's illegal yes, and the boy knew that but he ignored it and enjoyed the attention and sex. He then decided it was wrong and that it had affected him negatively somehow. It doesn't make any sense to me. If the genders were switched, the teen girl wouldn't willingly kiss back or go along with that and the man would probably actually get jail time. It's illegal but most young boys are only thinking about sex and women so they wouldn't normally report this.

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