Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I'm totally bored today so I decided to count up all of my followers on all social media I use so here goes;

Facebook - 232
Twitter - 292
Wattpad - 93
GAG - 219 - 131
Instagram - 336

Total = 1303

I'm pretty sure I have followers on other websites I used to use so you could probably add 100 more.

I think I'm officially unpopular online haha! Hopefully my Wattpad followings will go up soon. It was only about 30 a couple weeks ago!

How many accumulative followers do you have? :)


  1. it takes a while to build a fan base on wattpad you'll get there if you stick to your writing. what template is this? it's so pretty.

    1. Ah I know. My followers are still going up though.
      I think it's one provided by Blogger but I just personalised it a bit. It used to be pink but I do love this new blue theme. <3


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