Thursday, 16 July 2015

"Basic" Tattoos

I came across a website months ago, which basically showed a load of common tattoos and brandished them "basic white girl tattoos". I liked some of the tattoos, even if they were common ("basic") and I would like to have something similar. It got me thinking though, who has the right to negatively judge and categorise these tattoos? They may be common but they're all slightly different on each woman and their meanings may be unique and the reasonings behind getting the tattoo are definitely unique. If it makes the wearer happy and empowered, then why should it be knocked down? I want a tattoo which could be considered "basic", but it has a couple personal meanings triggered by things that happened in my life. Seeing this negative view on these kinds of tattoos has dissuaded me from getting it, even though it may benefit me in the long run due to the meaning. I would hate to get the tattoo and someone laugh at it, saying it's so basic. My current tattoo isn't common, but the meaning and its presence has helped me when I've suffered severe depressive episodes, reminding me that my mum is there always and I will always have at least one person who loves me.

We shouldn't be hating on people's tattoos (unless it's a nazi/KKK symbol). Let them wear it with pride and show their personality and beliefs through their tattoos.

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