Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I'd been driving illegally for four months without realising because my MOT was overdue! I'm surprised I wasn't fined. Well let's hope I haven't been caught. My car failed its MOT yesterday though. I had it repaired and it came to £200+ :'( That's going to leave a dent in my bank! However, my car runs a lot better now! It had a broken spring, bad hand brake alignment, a broken bush bearing and a bald tire. The whole car feels sturdier and the handbrake is super strong now! It feels like I have a new car.

It's made me think about not selling it after a year, but investing more money into it so it's perfect. It wouldn't take much work or too much money. I don't like the idea of selling it to someone now when I've spent a lot of money, but there's nothing to show for it. I'm thinking of getting new bumpers, repairing the dent, changing the brakes and steering pump and possibly some welding. With all that done, it'd be like a new car! I could then sell it for more when the time comes. It has low mileage for an old car and its engine works fine so I think it has a long life ahead of it still. Or I could keep it as it is and then sell it for less, but buy a new car. I don't know what I should do!

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