Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I've started to really enjoy writing for some reason. I never would describe myself as a writer or tell someone that writing is my hobby but I'm starting to think it is. I write so many articles on GaG, this is my second blog that I've managed to keep fairly up to date, I've written advice articles on other sites before, I've joined Wattpad now and in less than a week, I already have an idea for a short story, despite thinking that I would most likely never write something there and I used to write a lot about personal experiences on another website that I no longer frequent.

I guess I never want to say my hobby is writing because it's seen as an unsocial introverted thing to be into that often doesn't have a real benefit, apart from good feedback from people who won't think twice about it later, that's if they read it. Kickboxing has benefits such as; weight loss, toning, socialising, balance, co-ordination, progression, certificates etc. What does writing have?

I also don't want to say it because people will ask me what I write or they may request to read it and seeing as most of the things I write are written fairly anonymously, I don't want someone I know well in person to read it. However, I did tell someone, a guy who I only recently started talking to and I down played everything, but he said it was awesome and a unique thing to be interested in. I still want to keep it on the down low. My writing style isn't for everyone and people who know me would think it's totally unlike the character they know in person.

I will continue writing until that bores me or until I achieve success in it somehow.

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