Thursday, 30 April 2015


Everyone tells you to be more confident in yourself, to love everything about yourself but the moment you show you're happy with yourself, people despise it and try to knock you down. If I wrote a status online now saying I thought I was very attractive or I stated a positive attribute about myself, I'd get an influx of hate or people will view me as pompous and no longer want to know me. All of this would be happening, whilst my mum tells me to be more positive and to love myself more. Sometimes I do feel confident in myself, but instantly worry if I say something that sounds the slightest bit conceited.

Can you see the contradiction here? I'm guilty of viewing someone as conceited if they show a bit too much confidence in themselves (or is that arrogance?), but then I think about this contradiction and support them. If arrogance is when you're sure of yourself and is often seen negatively, why are we told to love and be confident with ourselves? I honestly don't understand this logic.

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