Monday, 23 February 2015

An answer to a GAG question.

I'm on top form mentally for once tonight and was fairly astonished with what spewed out on this question so I felt like sharing it.

""Is it immoral to create new humans when the fact is they cannot consent to it?" This is the perfect example of humans developing way too much emotional intelligence for our own good. We needed to reproduce to survive and continue. If we somehow had a conscience before being born (impossible), I think most people would opt to be born, that is if they weren't shown their future/the pain of life.

I have no idea why you brought rape into this or why you thought it would be a suitable term to explain your concept. It's more like against human rights due to not having consent. One of the human rights is freedom to live/life so technically, it isn't against human rights to refuse not to live if it's your own choice.

My mum once said that it's actually quite selfish to bring a child into this world because you're doing it for your want and desire to have children, not thinking about the child's wants but again, it's just an example of our intense emotional intelligence. We only wish we weren't born due to hardships in life/depression. Something you do not know the existence of before birth, alongside the absence of a conscience or even a brain for that matter.
It's just nature doing it's thing but I guess it went a bit too far in terms of our emotional intelligence.

No-one asks to be born. I personally, often wish I wasn't born. But if I suddenly had the clarity and knowledge I do now, to choose whether to live or go back to complete non-existence, life would be enticing. You'd suddenly want to experience something other than nothing.

Who's to say we didn't choose to live or die, we just don't remember it and that stillborns/miscarriages are the ones who chose not to live?
Anyway, that's another paradoxical concept that is completely illogical. "

It gives you something to think about, aye.

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