Saturday, 10 January 2015

Overweight people are in denial

My mother and I have been trying to get fitter and in the process, we've watched a lot of food and fitness programmes and I've learnt a hell of a lot. I've always been open minded to why someone is overweight, putting it down to a health condition but I only know of one health condition which makes it difficult (not impossible) to lose weight. However, I've learnt there's more than they give out.

I watched a programme which looked into metabolism and a woman who was overweight was part of the study. The presenter asked her how fast she thought her metabolism was and she said it's really slow because she keeps gaining weight. The results of the study concluded with evidence that overweight people have faster metabolisms whilst thinner people had slower ones which makes sense if you think about it. The presenter asked the scientist why she was overweight and he basically said "she eats too many calories a day". No shit. Yet, this woman believed she was overweight because her metabolism was too slow, blaming something out of her control, that wasn't the cause to begin with. Deep down, she knew she eats too much but would rather deny it and blame it on anything but herself. Doing that just prolongs the process of getting healthy and thinner.

I know some people are naive and think that 3000 of bad calories a day with no exercise is normal, healthy and perfectly fine but it's unwise to not actually look into how to look after your body. Studying microbiology and biochemistry opens your eyes to how many vitamins and minerals your body actually needs to complete the most basic of things, like cell respiration (that thing that keeps you alive!) requires phosphorous.

I also watched the Katie Hopkins programme and she spoke to a group of overweight women who started getting into a hissy fit and even called the police for "hate crime" despite her not saying one thing offensive to them. Instead of accepting they had an eating problem, they were quick to say how hard life was for them, it wasn't easy to lose weight and that she didn't understand. It honestly isn't that hard to monitor what you eat and that doesn't mean counting every calorie. Despite that, I know those women would be quick to judge me for being a healthy weight, believing I'm anorexic. I've had people tell me to eat more and to get meat on my bones which made me uncomfortable despite knowing I'm a healthy weight with a lot of muscle mass, so what's the difference in telling someone to eat less? That's a hate crime but telling someone to eat more isn't? It's not a hate crime to consider someone's health.

I have an overweight friend who says to us that we "must have a fast metabolism" and we "eat so much but never put anything on", like we were born lucky but we're just knowledgeable of food. We eat anything, but in moderation and I exercise. I can tell by how he talks about food, that he's addicted and has it a lot more than the average but he won't admit it. He jokes about eating whole packets of biscuits but no-one can relate because no-one has ever done that. It may seem like we eat a lot but that could be all we eat for the rest of the day whilst he could go home and eat a lot of food.

In other programmes, overweight people were quick to blame anything other than themselves or they deluded themselves into thinking they were healthy. It isn't healthy being 20 stone or being in the overweight range. Our bodies aren't built for that. Obesity is a modern problem, ever since food became so easily available so it's evidently people's poor choices, not their "slow metabolism" or "underactive thyroid". People even blame other things other than themselves when it comes to their pet being obese and it's concerning to see how shocked they are when they find out that chocolate biscuits aren't dog food. How can you own an animal and be so uneducated about them? It's ridiculous.

Obesity definitely is down to poor habits and life choices that causes people to become overweight and the only thing to blame is themselves. Once they accept that, they can take steps to a healthier life.

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