Monday, 1 December 2014

Rest In Peace

My dog was euthanized at 6:40pm this evening, aged 17 years old. She was definitely a fighter, that's probably why it felt so wrong to take her life away but today it was clear, she didn't have much of a life. She hadn't eaten for days and her last walk was a couple of months ago, she could barely walk or stand in her last weeks. I spent all day today, trying my best to comfort her but being blind, deaf and arthritic, there wasn't much I could do. I searched frantically online for advice on making a dying dog as comfortable as possible and all said about hugging the animal as well as talking to them - I could do neither. I did have her on my lap for a bit but she eventually became restless so I placed her gently on her bed. We believed that she was also having minor seizures whilst being confused and barking. How can you comfort a blind, deaf, arthritic dog who's having seizures? Websites don't consider things like that.
This time is always so painful for us pet owners, I don't know why we put ourselves through it. I feel so emotionally drained, I've been crying all day causing myself a tension headache, the whole family is feeling it. We keep looking at her corpse wishing she'd wake up and our minds are making us believe she's moving/breathing. She looks so peaceful though.

She will always be in our hearts, just like her sister. RIP <3

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