Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Always Finding New Things

I'm always finding out new things about my boyfriend and it's not always good. After about a year and a half together, he admitted to seeing a girl when we first met (though we weren't dating). He completely dropped the girl for me which I thought was rude on her. Then months after that he told me he had kissed her during the short time he was seeing her, which made the whole thing worse and made me wonder why he didn't tell me the first time. I always feel bad for her and I made him bad for it too.

Now he's shown a new side. I had a bit of a dispute with a college friend and of course, I told my boyfriend because I tell him everything. Everything faded out though by the end of the day and my friend and I were okay. I went home thinking nothing of it. I then get a call from my friend telling me my boyfriend had contacted him about it and basically had a go at him for what happened! I was pretty annoyed and my friend thought I knew about it all which was worse. My boyfriend didn't tell me about it and actually tried to keep it from me after I gave him the opportunity to tell me. Once I got it out of him, he only told me half of what he said and later told me the whole story when I called him out on it.

All of this hiding things from me and withdrawing information makes me worry about who he is deep down. I always felt he was a lovely innocent person who I was deeply in love with. Now he's someone I can't trust as much as before, who I no longer see as innocent as he once was. It's like he's changing into a bad person and I can't do anything to stop it. His true personality is unfolding before my eyes and it's difficult to watch.

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