Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I have no empathy anymore, I feel that most people don’t deserve it. You could say that’s selfish or heartless but I’ve become someone who only invests emotion into those who I feel truly deserve it. You can’t go far wrong if you’re careful and if that means appearing to be a cold bitch, I’m fine with it.

I’m good at reading people and their intentions, though some are harder than others to crack. I know when someone is being genuine or not. I guess that’s what you learn when you’ve been with someone who wore a mask and hid who they really were.

I can see people’s masks; when they put them on, when they take them off and who they wear them for. You could say it’s a nifty skill to have and sometimes it feels that way but a lot of the time it’s a curse. Seeing the amount of people hiding or lying so much to others is deflating. You constantly wish everyone was honest about themselves and you try to set the example, lead the path of honesty but most people will view you as weird. We live in a world filled with lies and deceit, everyone is almost afraid of being themselves, yet we live life like we’re oblivious. How can people not see other’s masks? How can people not distinguish between those who wear a mask to protect themselves to those who wear one for attention? It’s aggravating to say the least.

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