Monday, 29 September 2014

University for idiots

I have no interest in going to university and I never have really. It has more cons than pros in my opinion, yet I feel that I could probably get a degree if I really wanted one. It probably doesn't help that some of my teachers are trying to force university on me and the career I'm interested in, you can get a degree for but you can also get through a college course. You're also more likely to get employed with the college course because it's work based.
I'm interested in an animal based career and the only degree that's worth doing with animals is to become a vet but I honestly couldn't trust myself with it and I get stressed easily and I know the job is stressful. I'm happy being in a job that pays less and doesn't have as much responsibility to that of a vet. Maybe one day, I'll decide to get a degree as a vet but right now, it's not what I'm interested in.

In my college, however, there are people who really shouldn't go to university yet they want to go and it makes me feel.. uncomfortable almost. I know people can do what they want but some people make stupid decisions sometimes.

There is one girl who can barely read and spell properly, little things get her confused, she leaves every piece of coursework to the last minute or completely misses the deadline (something you can't do in uni), she scraped through the first year of our college course, most thought she'd fail and she's much more interested in her social life. Now she's decided to go to university to become a vet! I feel like she's going for the social experience (she literally never gets off her phone to someone) and she knows that more guys will sleep with her when she's there (she sleeps with every guy she sees). She's too laid back when it comes to education and I can see her missing lectures just to get high or fuck another student. University will most definitely not be for her, yet she's suddenly determined to go.

Another girl who failed nearly all of her high school qualifications, her vocabulary is restricted and she non stop embarrasses herself in lessons because she literally doesn't know anything about anything so asks questions that are blatantly obvious or that everyone knows. She's honestly not the brightest spark.

And another girl who actually did fail the first year of her course and has now gone onto something else said she was going to go to university and an employer was going to send her to one. I don't know what's going on though since she failed. She was honestly one of the thickest people I'd ever met.

So to see all these people wanting to go to university whilst I feel exceptionally more intelligent than these people, it constantly makes me question my decision about not going to university. If one of those girls went through university and actually got a degree then I most likely will go for one myself because it can't be that bad if they got through it. But if none of them came out with a degree, then it'd back up my view that university wasn't for them and I'd still feel like I should probably go because I feel more capable of it. People say I'm intelligent but I don't believe in myself enough and I'd hate for my own insecurities to hold me back from doing well for myself.

Two of my friends who I consider to be very bright, probably brighter than me if I'm honest, both want the same job I want. One of them was considering university but after her work experience, felt like she wanted the same career we're striving for. I don't know how three fairly dumb people want to go to university, whilst three bright people, one of which won an award for her efforts and good work, don't want to go to university.

After this year, I'm going to have to make my decision - go into that college course or sign up for uni. 95% of me says do the college course and 5% says to go to uni. I don't particularly want to continue education but the college course I'm looking into is mainly working in a practice and coming into college once or twice a week for theory. I most likely will get paid too so it seems a win/win - get educated whilst getting paid. Obviously that doesn't happen when you go to uni, you just get into debt.

Decisions, decisions...

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