Monday, 8 September 2014

Life is better if you're rich, in more ways than one

Of course, rich people do get an easier life, whether they worked, inherited, won or illegally gained that wealth. If they want a new home, they buy one. If they want the latest car, they buy one. If they want the latest gadget, they buy it. If they need a holiday, they go on one. One other thing they get, that isn't considered, is more respect, more specifically for their property.

Now, I have a little 10 year old Ford KA which is my pride and joy. I've worked very hard to get that car and I still work hard to keep and maintain her. I have a lot of respect for that little car, something others do not, mainly due to them not realising how precious she is to me and how much it costs to keep her going. Today, this was shown when my wing mirror had been hit back, for me to then realise this on the motorway so I was unable to see who was next to me.

This got me thinking. If I had a Bentley parked there, people would most likely be more cautious of it. Most people probably wouldn't dare touch it, but when they see an old Ford KA, that decency seems to go out the window. They don't consider that despite the owner not being rich, they've still worked hard for it. I know it depends on upbringing too, I'm very careful when walking through a tight car park to avoid doing the exact same thing that happened to my car. Others just don't care but I know that the vast majority would be much more careful if I had a nicer car.

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