Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Objectification of Women

Who is to blame for the objectification of women? I came across a question which covered this and I was quite disgruntled about what I read.

A large portion of people believe that both are to blame and a large portion of those focused mainly on the woman's role. A few men believed it was purely the woman's fault and I didn't see one person say it was men's fault. I honestly don't understand how that could've happened.
What was most shocking was the amount of men who were quick to defend other men, saying that men can be treated like objects too. That is a fair point but some of them left it at that and didn't offer a decent opinion of the objectification of women. It was almost like they were denying that women were objectified, most commonly so, and instead took it as an attack against men. It's not an attack, it's a way of bringing up a universal problem but those who contribute to the problem are quick to take offense which isn't the point. This observed behaviour happens in nearly every discussion of women oppression; there is always one who feels that it's unfair to rule out men in the situation, despite the discussion being based entirely on women and their experiences because women are the vast majority of rape/sexuala assault/violence/abuse victims.

The person who asked the question was a female who actually blamed women for their own objectification if they behave or dress in a certain way, but where do we draw the line when it comes to rape victims? I doubt that woman would say that rape victims brought it on themselves for wearing a short skirt, but what she originally said was along the same line of thought. Other girls said it didn't really bother them, but it's attitudes like that which allow objectification and disrespect of women to continue.

No-one deserves to be raped and that includes male/female prostitutes, those who are deemed as "asking for it" and those who "deserve it" due to their behaviour and dress code. Keep in mind, not every prostitute join the industry through choice, some are forced into it by pimps or even their own family so it should never be assumed that they chose to put themselves in vulnerable situations.

You cannot say a woman who objectifies herself deserves to be treated like a sexual object that can be used and abused, then disposed of when required. The media has played a large role in women becoming more likely to objectify themselves to feel desired by men. They're playing on an insecurity that most likely stemmed from media itself. Women who do objectify themselves should not be supported by men.

But how on earth do you decide when a woman is objectifying herself when even your average, well mannered woman is objectified by the men around her? I personally dress to make myself look smart and presentable; I don't have cleavage on show, I don't wear ridiculously short shorts/skirts and I don't parade myself around like a promiscuous woman. However, I still get men who treat me like an object by hassling me, downright asking for sex or expecting it from me, speaking to me like I'm a piece of meat that is at their disposal and generally being disrespectful to me when my body language and dress code represent someone who demands respect. Women who are showing no skin still get raped and assaulted and usually by someone they know.

On that note, I'd like to leave a couple of videos about the objectification of women in gaming. Her videos and that question is what inspired me to write this and maybe it'll make some of you (hopefully more males) to see just how much female violence we see in gaming that we often overlook.

Women as Background Decoration - Part 1
Women as Background Decoration - Part 2


  1. After watching both videos, I have to say that all the points are vaild in everyway, but not all games have that kind of theme. The games that were mentioned were pretty much games that were made in america. Game companys in Japan, south korea and ect, dont always have that kind of theme. For example in Japan. Dating games will make you have a set of choices to which you come to an ending, A lot of it does go beyond to sex but you have the option to turn it off or not go on that route bit its usually after game stuff. Though same thing with games where you date a guy, same things happen usually, but with more of a war theme to it, as in battles, I dont know if they can get killed off or not but yeah. But really in any game thats open world, players are given the choice to assult, which i agree should not even be a thing to an extent.In game, the events shouldnt allow killings of the women being used as a sex object.Guys are always potrayed as nasty and such, Women are portayed as sex objects, Both to which I disagree upon. The whole dismal is distress for competion for men is not always correct though, from games I played, when a women is in damger and you save her, you can build actual love, not always is the woman is being captured by another man, but sometimes woman who want them dead, Anyways A way to fix the problem as said in the ending of the second video is too actually build a story for the side characters that are non playable to give more of an emotional feel, but I dont think that stops players from doing what they want, If games didnt have quest that has to do with sex, or buying woman, would players still do it even if it gave them no advantages but game overs,restarting the map and or instant loss of game cash, idk, but the whole thing with defining woman as sex objects makes me mad.

    1. (Same person as above) And who i think is responsible for of the objectification of woman, is everyone in general.
      Reasons why it would be womans fault : on different sites that you meet and talk with people like omegle and such, Some woman not all, want to be absued by men.
      Woman should know how to defend themselfs in public ( i know this may not be a good point but everyone should practice self defence)

      Reasons why it would be mens fault: They are too agressive,not all men are but some go overboard.
      When Men get drunk and walk outside or to a bar and proceeds to rape usually.
      Men get too caught up in the moment when yelling at woman, know they are wrong but acts stubborn then tries to blame it all on the woman ( can go to both sides though)
      So really both genders are to blame for the objectification of woman.

    2. (Same person as the other two) in your last paragraph, you said that Violance to woman in video games is overlooked, you maybe right on that, but maybe I think that the fact that whats being overlooked is how thoes games affect others to belive, that is how society works, which is completly wrong.

      Can you tell me what you think on what I wrote? Disagree, agree, half agree, half disagree, and did i make a mistake when writing all of this.?


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