Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What I learnt from camping

My partner and I went camping a couple nights ago and it certainly wasn't a break. It was much too stressful and painful to be a break. Getting there was fine, we had no trouble and putting up the tent was a breeze (aside from me breaking it, twice). After everything was set up, we had some food at the cafe and then we enjoyed the hot weather by going for walks through the mountains. We went out a few times and exhausted ourselves so went to relax, well try to relax, in our little tent. We had too much time on our hands so we had the task of trying to stay awake and keep ourselves entertained until the night. We had several hours on our hands to use up.

At 7:30pm, my partner decided we should go out again for a walk. We walked up a hill to see lovely views whilst my partner spoke about how he wanted to go to the top of one of the lush mountains. He wanted to find a way up but a lot of paths were gated with signs informing us that it was private property. However, we did find a trail that led to the top of one of the mountains, not only that, but to a roman fort. My partner was ecstatic and we (stupidly) ran up a steep hill, exhausting ourselves immediately. With the excitement, we didn't go the right way and had a long, stressful journey up the mountain. We even gave up on the road we were following and literally went up through the wilderness in desperation to get to the top.

We came across a map which we followed and we finally reached the bottom of what appeared to be a fairly easy hill in which to get to the fort. We were deceived. It curved over, we were walking for so much longer than we expected, up a treacherous, steep mountain side. At this point, we were both finding it hard, my calves and feet were screaming to me "what on earth are you doing?" My partner is very athletic, he goes to the gym everyday, but he was exhausted, he had to sit down a few times!

Anyway, we got to the top and the views were amazing. We took a few photos and videos but we couldn't stay for long because the wind was strong and so cold. By this time, it was about 9pm, the sun had just disappeared behind the mountains. It was getting dark and cold. I only had a vest top on, shorts and sandals and my partner had very minimal clothes on as well. We didn't even have a torch.

We were navigating through paths which were actually very narrow treaded paths amongst stinging nettles and bushes, that went down hill, in the dark. We hadn't planned it well at all. This is where I saw another side to my partner, this is what I learnt. My partner is very laid back, he's not easily stressed which is something I like about him. It balances us out because I get stressed over little things quite easily. However, the roles were reversed. I had never seen him so irritable and stressed before. He was swearing more than he ever has and I've never seen him want to get back inside (to the tent) before because he's normally so outgoing. I became the calm laid back one in order to keep him cool. It was strange seeing another side to him, I've known him for about a year and a half now and I thought I knew a lot about him, nearly everything. I must clarify, he wasn't swearing aggressively, he was still laughing at my jokes about everything, but he was very clearly irritated.

I later thought that going camping is a great way for a new couple to learn about each other. You must use teamwork and nearly everything goes wrong when you go camping so it's a great way to have an insight into how they deal with stress and things going wrong. If they get very irritated and stressed easily, which turns into destructive anger, you know to be careful with someone like that because that anger could potentially turn against you one day.

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