Monday, 28 July 2014

I think he's reconsidering marriage

My SO is pretty definite that he never wants to get married but lately, I've been getting a strong feeling that my SO is reconsidering that decision. In the past month or so, he's been doing and saying a lot of things which have given me this feeling. In a previous post, The Fake Proposal, I spoke about how I thought he was going to propose due to certain circumstances, despite my boyfriend constantly saying how he never wants to get married. Ever since then, marriage is something he's been bringing up a lot.

The first thing he did was sing a song about marriage to me, twice. The whole song is about asking the father for permission to marry his daughter and he sang it entirely, whilst looking me in the eyes. I asked jokingly, "who you marrying?" and he responded with "you". I waited for him to giggle and say he was only joking but he didn't.

Then a week or so ago, I was talking about how I couldn't remember things well and he very randomly said, "so you wouldn't be able to remember anniversaries then... if you ever got married". I tried to hide my happy/shock reaction whilst responding with, "well I remember your birthday and our anniversary fine", followed by "so who am I marrying?". I believe he said something along the lines of if I married someone else in future.

Then last night, he got a bit soppy and was saying how much he loved me. He was spurting out things about how amazing I was, how much he loved me then he said jokingly, "will you marry me?!". I decided to call him out on what he's been doing; I even said to him that it feels like he's reconsidering marriage and he didn't answer me. He heard me but he didn't give me an answer. Afterwards he spoke about how he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me.

My SO knows I'm happy being with him, married or not. He is the one for me after all. I did talk to him about the legalities of marriage as in if one of us died and there was no will and no marriage, then everything would be taken away by the government and the other would be left with nothing. He did consider that aspect of marriage.

We often talk about how we want to spend the rest of our lives together, that we're soulmates, that we're the "one" for each other and how we've never been so sure of anyone before. We're both certain we've found our other half so I know there's no doubt in his mind.
He's very easily manipulated by people though. His parents aren't married so he feels there's no need for marriage to stay together (which is true) and his coworker has a bad marriage, they were going to divorce but haven't. He says people always divorce but he doesn't consider arranged/forced marriages, people marrying for money and for all the wrong reasons and those that are stupid and rush into marriage with someone they've just met or don't love, either knowingly or not.

Do you think he's reconsidering it?

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