Friday, 11 July 2014

Being Thin

When it comes to weight, people focus on overweight people and for whatever reason they're overweight, it's seen as extremely disrespectful to comment on an obese person's weight. But what about the thin people who receive comments about their weight? They're usually ignored due to the common reason of "they're skinny, they can't complain". I understand why that is said but thin people can still feel disrespected from comments like "eat more, you're anorexic". Now, if you flip those comments towards an obese person, "eat less, you're obese", it becomes an insult and I don't see why people can't make that connection. Maybe I should've said to the guy yesterday, "you wouldn't tell an obese person to eat less so why tell me to eat more?", but then I'd look like a cold bitch.

Personally, when I receive such comments, I don't necessarily feel disrespected but feel it was unnecessary for them to say it. It's usually people who don't know me. If they knew me, they'd know I eat huge amounts and not particularly healthily, though I usually keep around the daily calorie intake (somehow). I currently weigh almost 10st which is probably nearing a bit overweight for my height and age and I feel like I have some excess fat I could do without, though I'm generally healthy (I believe). As you can tell, I'm no where near anorexic so why should I be accused of being so? People make out that it's ugly to be skinny, though it's fairly obvious why people say that.

It's true that whatever you do, someone will have something bad to say about it. You can be morbidly obese and get insulted and lectured about your weight, you can actually be anorexic and be sniggered at or you can be a healthy weight and that's still a problem. You can't win.

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