Thursday, 26 June 2014

The decision has been made.

I met my new car last Friday and my driving has improved greatly within a matter of days. I was a bit rusty after not driving for nearly two years but according to my insurance, I'm driving well! It's a great little car, it starts every time, barely any rust and despite being ten years old, everyone has commented on how it looks brand new and well looked after. That could be slightly to do with all the work we've done on it; we washed it, pumped the tyres, sprayed the bumpers and cleaned the inside really thoroughly but I was still really proud of it before we did all the work on it.

I drove to college for the first time yesterday, it took nearly an hour and it was only my third time driving alone, the other two times were driving to my boyfriend's house which is literally down the road. My driving percentage was 77% on the way there, 80% on the way back which is great!

Now in terms of my job, I've had shifts thrown at me almost every day which I can't complain about but it's a bit scary seeing as I haven't done one proper shift alone yet. I'm going out later this evening with one woman just to shadow so I can meet another service user that I will be working with. I went out on the weekend with my mum to help an old lady with her TV and we were only there for 5 minutes but I made just under five pound.

I start on Saturday but they've given me 18 hours next week, not including the extra shifts my boss is throwing at me so it's all quite daunting. I hope I can do this job. I have never had a job like it in which I'm completely alone throughout the whole shift; I'm used to working in a team with my managers/bosses around to talk to if need be. Thankfully, my mother works for the same company and she's been working there for 20 years so she's my guide and I can ring her whenever I need help. Without her, I'd never consider doing this job.

I hope everything goes well on Saturday and on every shift to come.

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