Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Watch Dogs

I received Watch Dogs yesterday in the post after many days of excitement. I even did a lot of coursework a couple days before so I wouldn't feel so guilty for playing it!
I was obviously very excited when it started but even from the first scene, I found it hard to grasp the story line and I still do now. [Potential Spoiler]I know he lost his niece due to his profession and that they're still grieving but that's about it. You're sent to kill people who you've never heard of, you just have Aiden talking to himself about the person you're chasing whilst you do the mission so you don't really pay attention. [Potential Spoiler] The story is all over the place basically. The game threw missions at me immediately and I get a new one every 30 seconds it seems. This made it even more confusing and I practically forgot the story line amongst all the madness.

The driving mechanics are awful and makes it horrible to drive. I love driving in open world games so this was a huge downside for me. I would drive for hours on GTA games, enjoying the sites but you can't really do that in Watch Dogs, even though the game has city hotspots to visit. If you accelerate a tiny bit to have a slow start, the car skids. If you reverse slightly, the car makes a screeching noise like you're doing it fast. Braking slightly makes the car jitter like you've braked really hard. This seems a bit weird for a game in which you're a vigilante who sneaks up on people for a living. Basically, the game assumes that all players will drive fast when many don't. I wanted to explore the city but I just can't stand the driving mechanics to do so.

The game is meant to be really dark but I find it really difficult to see everything, even when I put the brightness really high (that makes colours bland unfortunately). The clarity of the environment isn't as good as it is on GTAV. It's so bad that I completely missed a block of police cars! I don't know if this is just me but I've always had perfect vision all my life so I'm assuming others may have this problem. My boyfriend said it looked better darker but he hadn't played the game at all.

Glitches. There are lots of glitches in this game like people and cars just appearing out of nowhere right in front of you. It happens quite a lot and ruins the realism of the game. They can even happen during cut scenes which should be the most refined part of the game.

All in all, it's a good game, it has originality but it was hyped up a lot (and partially by myself)and there are many things that I frowned upon. Normally for a good game, I play it all day, I didn't yesterday. The next day, I'll usually be on it straight away the moment I wake up but it's about 3:30PM right now and I've barely had an urge to play it. However, there is nothing wrong with this game that can't be improved with updates or completely revamped in a sequel. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a sequel if I knew they had made considerable improvements.

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