Monday, 5 May 2014

I feel sorry for him.

A guy I met in high school still has a crush on me seven years on. For a few of those years, I picked up on it but it was quite recently he told me just how much he liked me. When he was with his ex girlfriend, he spoke about how he longed to speak to me when he was with her. Nearly every time we text, he compliments me or talks about his crush on me (not in a creepy way). We consider each other good friends and he does good at keeping his feelings controlled, though sometimes he seems to have bad days. It seems like it's my fault because I won't date him or he realises he won't have me, so he gets sad and frustrated.
Although he doesn't hold onto the idea of me as much as he used to, I still feel it's unhealthy for him to be holding onto hope. Don't get me wrong, I've actually considered dating this guy when I was in high school so I'm not just friendzoning him for the sake of it. The main problem was we argued so much being friends - we still do now. If we argued so bad as friends, it would only get worse in a relationship. I also felt he'd get pretty over protective because he gets like that now sometimes. It just wouldn't work for me. I can't help feeling sorry for him, that even when he has a relationship, he thinks of me and wants to speak to me. I have the urge to speak to him occasionally but not when I'm with my boyfriend. I don't want to be the cause of his pain/heartbreak or the end of any of his future relationships. I hope he moves on someday though it'd feel strange if and when he does.

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