Thursday, 8 May 2014


I have a rather unusual fascination with gore thanks to Reddit. I don't look at it every day and I can't say that I enjoy it (I still cringe at some things) but I find it rather interesting and enlightening. I say enlightening because surprisingly, these images/videos wake you up to the brutalities of the world and the people who reside in it. When someone's car gets crushed by a lorry and they inevitably die, you hear about it on the news and may get an aerial view of the incident. With real gore, you'll see a video of the whole incident as it happens, sometimes from the view of the driver. You see the driver before they die, oblivious to what will happen next. It makes you see the reality of such incidents.

When you see a video of a couple hugging, only for the guy to shoot himself only seconds after his girlfriend leaves makes you appreciate those around you. When you see a young boy playing with a football just seconds before a car rams into him, killing him instantly makes you realise that your life could end at any moment, so you should appreciate it.

It also opens your eyes to the running of other countries. I not long ago saw a video of someone walking up to and filming the casualties of a fatal car crash in Saudi Arabia I believe it was. Normally in the UK or USA, police and ambulances would be rushed to the scene within minutes and the wreckage would be removed quickly, but this hadn't happened at all in this country. I believe it was four guys who had been involved in this car accident, one had even come out of the car but they were all bloated; they had been left there decaying, on the side of a busy road for roughly 36 hours! That would be seen as ludicrous in our country and so disrespectful to the deceased.

I consider it to be good conditioning for me as well because my future career will be nothing but blood, pus, faeces, surgery, amputations etc. I also think that there could be a possibility in my life in which I'd come across someone who's had a terrible accident and there's blood everywhere. I would like to think that it would not discourage me in any way to approach them, comfort them and call for help.

So you could say there is reasoning behind my interest in it. I just find it really interesting and there are millions of others who do too. It's a side of the world and humanity that you never get to see.

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