Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The fake proposal

My boyfriend and I had had a lovely day yesterday. The sun was shining, we went for a walk and sat and watched the geese and ducks fly over the lake. After we went home, we both went really hyper for hours on end so we went to the park to get some fresh air and to cool down. I sat on a bench and I said to him, "are you glad you have me?" and of course he said yes. Then before I could say "are you happy to spend the rest of your life with me?", he got down on one knee and my face dropped. Part of me knew he wasn't going to propose and that he was only messing around, but evidently from my face, another part of me thought that he could've changed his mind and wanted to get engaged!
We laughed for ages but I felt so shocked and embarrassed. He didn't mean to make it look like he was going to propose but we both knew what I was thinking. He doesn't want to get married too which made it a whole lot more shocking. I kept cracking jokes about the whole thing and he couldn't stop saying how much he loved me and how amazing I was. It was a really sweet moment despite the feeling of humiliation.

Oddly enough, aside from all the laughing, I couldn't help but feel a bit of sadness and disappointment. I know that if he did propose there and then, I would've said yes but it's silly of me to think that when I know he's never going to propose.

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