Saturday, 12 April 2014

Why I'm here.

I've decided to make this blog for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I have a diary and journal but I don't write in them much. Even when I have a lot to write and rant about, I find it too time consuming to hand write it all and it takes a lot more effort to hand write than to type. I also come on my laptop very frequently so it'd be easier for me to write things out when I'm online. Another reason is that I write a lot about my life anonymously on various websites but now I feel like I want all my thoughts in one place - a more private place. This blog is now my diary and you're invited to read it and even share your thoughts. Not many people have access to someone else's life, someone else's ambitions and troubles, all written down by them. One thing my counsellor told me was to keep telling my story until I get bored of saying it. Maybe that was the subconscious reasoning behind this blog, who knows? I'm going to remain as anonymous as possible understandably. It'd also be interesting for you readers to guess how old you think I am throughout my posts.

I have no idea where this blog will lead, whether my posts will be positive, negative or completely random things about what I love or feel excited about at that time. I don't expect my blog to become super popular, that's not the point of this blog, but it would be nice to know there are people actually reading! I hope this blog will be helpful to me and helpful to those that can relate to my posts. I have some time off for the holidays so I could write a lot so you guys can have a lot of reading material. Unfortunately, I can't promise to post regularly after these holidays due to busy times in my life, but I remain hopeful that there will be some regular readers. You may be the motivation and support that I require to keep these posts going.

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