Monday, 14 April 2014

Personal blogs are dying out

Thanks to a Redditor, she made me realise just how much personal blogs are dying out, with the takeover of Facebook and Twitter and I think it's a shame. You can do so much more with a blog like making it personal to you, with your favourite images and colours. You can share anything but with more of a personal touch. There's something about blogs that makes you want to write in better quality and quantity.

With sites such as Twitter, you're limited on the amount you can write (only 140 characters!) and the amount you can personalise your profile. No matter how much you try, your profile will still have the same characteristics to another's profile. With the limitation of writing, you can't fully describe how you're feeling which can lead to misunderstandings.

Maybe it's a good thing that personal blogs aren't popular anymore though. Imagine all the young teenagers making their own blog and all they'd really care about is conforming to what makes their blog the most popular and how many followers they have. You can't deny that a lot of people's main goals on Twitter is to get a lot of followers.

Maybe us bloggers should appreciate the privacy and quietness their is around blogging, especially if you have a personal blog like me. I personally feel fairly confident in writing about my life here because it'd be very hard to find my blog due to my settings not allowing my blog to be discovered through Google or Blogger. If someone did find it, I'm anonymous so I couldn't be identified.

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