Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Partner chill out session - we all need one.

Me and my partner sometimes do this thing where we lie in my bedroom in the pitch black, with nothing but the light from my speakers caressing our faces with a blue glow. We put on a playlist of mine or some chill out music from Youtube as we cuddle and feel the connection between us. It makes us feel closer, it's like there is no world outside my bedroom door, like all my troubles have gone, I have nothing to worry about and it usually causes some reminiscing. My partner can get so loved up and chilled out that he starts opening up about a lot of things, mainly from the past but it's all thought provoking things that we enjoy discussing. I believe this is from feeling the connection, causing an increased feeling of trust. It's an amazing feeling.

And it works! Before he came around, I was feeling extremely low but now I feel de-stressed and much calmer. So if ever you and/or your partner is stressed or you just want to have a lovely time together, you should have a quiet chill out session with your partner in the dark, you'll feel a lot better for it and it may even become a regular thing for you two.

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