Thursday, 24 April 2014

Paranoia is such a pain

Paranoia got the best of me yesterday yet again. I had to look up advice and ended up lying down on my bed, closing my eyes and trying to cool down. I was getting almost angry at him. I became distant and it ultimately caused tension between us.

We were watching videos on his phone and he got a text from a girl who he told me he met years ago but had only recently added him on Facebook. I didn't know they were texting now! It made me feel uncomfortable and almost like he's hiding another life from me. We tell each other everything. Why didn't he tell me she had text him and that they were now texting regularly?

I looked for advice online and one person said that my paranoia was kind of justified because he was regularly talking to two girls who he knows have an interest in him and that if the shoe were on the other foot, he wouldn't like it. This is why I should probably speak to him about it but that's easier said than done. Wish me luck.

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